Intelligent Flood Protection

2.1 Concept

Mobildeich with water filling

MOBILDEICH dykes are assembled out of 2 to 3 individual tube elements, that are available in a variety of different sizes and lengths. Standard modules are manufactured from 10m to 40m in length and can be stacked to a total height of 0.45 m to 3.50 m.

Any of our dykes can easily be combined with each other, to enable maximum protection with various combinations, for any situation. Such as: steep slopes, close gaps, different surfaces and attachments to walls and planar grounds.

Every module is encased in a robust net, which levels pressure, keeps structure and makes the dyke resistant to any external affection, but the final and most important material that ensures water sealing, stability and overflow ability at any time is our bright orange sealing membrane.

2.2 Three-Component-Safety-System


This Safety System, that consists of 3 material layers makes the difference to any other mobile flood protection on the market.

Dyke body A and netting B forms its static system. Very good sealing capabilities and therewith extraordinary high security margins are reached by our special sealing membrane C.

2.3 Assembly in four steps

easy assembly floodprotection-
5 min5 min


Due to our winch-wheels, the furled dyke is comfortably controlled to the desired position. The big benefit of these light metal axes is the rolling out ability from two to four people through running water or over any other surface.

hochwasserschutz aufbau  befüllen mit wasser
20 min 20 min

2.3.2 Filling

All Tubes can be individually connected to various pumps, which fill the dyke with water, suitable to clients placement and time needs.

hochwasserschutz mit Dichtungssystem
40 min 40 min

2.3.3 Placing sealing membrane

Our sealing membrane is placed on top of the soon completely filled dyke to prevent under washing. It is very important to place the canvas far enough in front of the dyke, so it can compress itself due to tones of water pressure in-between surface and dyke body. This guarantees extra stability and overflow ability.

hochwasserschutz schnell aufgebaut
60 min 60 min

2.3.4 Completion

After short time the MOBILDEICH Dyke is ready to prevent terrifying flood damage, injuries and a town crisis. Depending on the Module size chosen, 0.4 m up to 2.6 m can be impounded.

If you have any questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact any of our team members with in your reach > Contact us

2.4 6 good reasons to choose MOBILDEICH

suitable on all common undersurfaces

Mobildeich offers solutions for your flooding problems on all common undersurfaces because it works reliably on:

  • asphalt and concrete
  • cobble stone
  • gravel
  • sand
  • grass and meadows
  • in the water (!)


The ability to work safely on shifting surfaces is an invaluable advantage for practical applications.
On loose surfaces, a drainage fleece included in the scope of delivery provides protection against undercutting.
The best part, however, is that, in addition to conventional applications on dry surfaces, the mobile dyke system can be built through flowing water.
For reference, please have a look at our video section.

2.5 Security

a simple tube dyke compared to Mobildeich

As MOBILDEICH dykes are invented to protect human lives and their properties, safety is our main focus whilst module analyse, accessory specification and assembly.

What you will not notice when you first take a look at the MOBILDEICH: It is significantly more effective than similar brands that have, at first glance, the same dyke height.

This is shown by a proven example: Simple tube dykes that do not have the 3-Component-Safety System start to float when the water height is about 70% of the dyke height.

If the impounding water level of a simple flood protection systems reaches up to 70% of its total dyke hight, its weight is no longer heavy enough to keep the pressure balanced and the system on the ground. Therefore even if the water is still far from reaching the dyke top, due to the buoyancy impact, systems will suddenly float up and all its excessive flood water will be abruptly released and can cause a perilous tidal wave.

ueberstroembarkeit hochwasserschutz

MOBILDEICH means flood protection with lifesaving physics knowledge.

Our system has statically proven overflow capability to 100% and meets therefore the strict requirements of BWK memorandum no.6, published and available to view on since 2005.

BKW - Association of Engineers for Water Management, Waste Management and Land Improvement

In case, water masses are too excessive for the dykes hight to poundage, the steady overflow into the protected area is visually recognisable and therefore anybody in danger can seek shelter in time.

Conclusion: At equivalent dyke heights, simple tube dykes provide only 70% of the retention height of a MOBILDEICH.

2.6 Scope of Supply and Accessories

2.6.1 Scope of Supply

MOBILDEICH can due to it’s immense flexibility and our individual, personal analyse regarding each site be planned to be the most reliable and stable, over float able chain of quick flood protection world wide.

Mobildeich modules

Every module is provided ready for use and woven in a net casing, so that you can unroll it directly as a tube package.
The tubes are available either on a supporting frame or an axle. For large diameter hoses, we recommend delivery on axles: These are compatible with Mobildeich winch wheels (see below).

Mobildeich Modul

Sealing membrane and drainage fleece

The ideal supplement for the MOBILDEICH system. They are supplied in lengths suitable to the modules. They are part of the 3-Component-Safety System.

drainage fleece for optimal performance on solid grounds

2.6.2 Optional accessories

We are more than happy to analyse and work out, which accessories you need to order to make sure you can use your MOBILDEICH as efficient as possible.

Winch wheels

The tubes are delivered on either a frame or an axle. To ease the handling of huge dykes and to enable helpers shaping the dyke whilst rolling out, a pair of winch-wheels can easily be mounted on the axle and therefore comfortably be controlled through running water to the desired position.

Haspel mit aufgerolltem Mobildeich

Water pump

Gasoline, diesel or electrically powered – we supply various types of pumps adapted to your needs. Alternatively, suitable standard pumps (e.g. submersible pumps) can be used with Storz couplings to fill the Mobildeich.

Stacking Pallets

Suitable for compact storage for up to three modules on top of each other (two for truck transport). They provide space for one tube module each, with a sealing membrane and drainage fleece.

Mobildeich Lagerpaletten

MD-Fix Sealing Profiles

We have developed a special MD-Fix sealing profile, that allows quick handling of canvas onto hard surface or particularly rapidly vertical walls. For further information please read through our info-flyer MD-FIX The profiles are very efficient and light: only 50 MD-Fix profiles (total weight: 65 kg) are needed for sealing 100 m of sealing membranes. If the same length were sealed using 300 sandbags, the dry weight alone (!) would weight roughly 4.5 tons.

MD-Fix Schnellprofile zur Wand- und Bodenandichtung des Mobildeichs

Storage & transport containers

Suitable for outdoor storage and transport of several hundred meters of MOBILDEICH. We supply containers with popular connection systems according to customer requirements (e.g. hooklifter / WELAB containers, with which entire mobile dyke systems can be deposited as a stand-alone unit at any location.) Of course, our containers are also suitable for shipping.

Abrollcontainer, Welab-Container LKW mit Hochwasserschutz Mobildeich


Dyke mobiles are intelligent trailers with automated roll-on and roll-off functions that greatly simplify the handling of even large flood protection modules.

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