Why choose Mobildeich?

Rivers, lakes, seas or small streams can be transformed into torrents during storms. The damage to people and their environment can be devastating and really expensive to rebuild.

Old fashioned ways to protect towns from floods are usually leaking sandbag towers that are rarely sufficient barricades in time and at the right place. Below you will find very efficient conclusions to provide you against the floods.


Extremely fast installation

4 people can install 100 m MOBILDEICH in less than an hour

dyke setup comparison

Conclusion: analyses have proven that MOBILDEICH dykes can be set up 92x faster than a dam of sandbags with the same number of people. The visualisation above shows a very clear construction difference in-between two products, as it depicts a competitive sketch of challenging 100 m length by 75 cm height.


Takes little storage and transportation space

As the dyke is transported empty to site and uses the floodwater to scale up, you don't need any heavy extra filling material or associated logistics!


Does not require fixed or pre installation on site

A huge advantage! MOBILDEICH can be set up without any construction measures or preparation of the substratum. This saves you a lot of costs, time and visual lasting changes on your property. Also the system can be used anywhere and remains fully mobile.


high economic efficiency

Save costs and time as our product is reusable
MOBILDEICH can be easily cleaned and dried after use. You save costs for disposal i.e. of contaminated sandbags.


Double environmental protection

MOBILDEICH is reusable. Instead of disposing of contaminated sandbags, clean the dyke and use it again and again for years to come.


Buying or renting MOBILDEICH

When all surface and job details have been discussed up front, we will supply all accessories needed so your dyke is ready for immediate use. In case of an emergency-, or rental of one of our dykes, we will try and supply any client with the quickest and most suitable system, for how ever long you need. If any client requires staff from our MOBILDEICH team, we are more than happy to install or the dyke for you. The tubes are either available on a supporting frame or an axle. For large diameter hoses, we recommend delivery on axles, as these are also compatible with our MOBILDEICH winch wheels.

Choose the framework of your flexibly designed flood water protection concept. We offer individual financing and purchasing models:

  1. Purchase of mobile dyke modules
  2. Rental with set-up/take-down service
  3. Rental of mobile dyke for personal use
  4. Leasing

Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you, including on site.



Cities & communities

  • flood protection
  • in residential areas
  • for public buildings
  • private homes
  • in the field
  • suitable for diverting & damming waters
  • at slip-off slope and concave banks
  • Flood protection on dykes (dyke protection)
  • building a second line of defence

Fire brigade & fed. agency for technical relief

  • protection of properties (e.g. as ring dyke)
  • lengthwise barricading alongside rivers
  • crosswise barricading through rivers
  • controlling trouble areas in flood situations
  • (e.g. at narrow road passages or entrances)
  • building reservoirs for fire fighting
  • manmade dyke safety guarding and elevation

Commerce and industry

  • protection of properties
  • storage tanks for pumping stations
  • leak testing of buildings
  • securing entrances and passages

Hydraulic construction

  • mobile flood protection for renovations and repairs
  • construction site drainage
  • water retention during road construction and hydraulic engineering

Protection of nature

  • in parks and resorts
  • sensitive environments like the Wadden Sea
  • environt friendly flood control
  • reusable flood protection that can be set up without structural interference in the environment, e.g. in the
  • Dessau-Wörlitz UNESCO Heritage Park

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